OK House

Location / Ovčarsko-kablarska klisura, Serbia
Year / 2023 – ongoing
Area / 400m²
Client / private
Project team / Marina Lazović / Predrag Ignjatović /
Dunja Nedeljković / Zoran Lazović

A luxurious family house is positioned in the immediate vicinity of the Ovčar-Kablar gorge and with a view of the outline of the city of Čačak. Conceptually, the design of the house was started by imagining the ambiance around the pool while the rooms were placed in the background to free up the views.

The object is L-shaped looking at the base. It consists of a garage-technical part, which is the basis of the house, and all the other rooms are arranged over it. From the entrance gate and the parking area to the entrance part, you can reach over the concrete slabs cut into the hill. The spatial concept in the external and internal space is to clearly recognize the transition from one to another environment. This was achieved by linear changes in materialization and greenery, and also by vertically stacking the surfaces, gradually climbing to different points of the steep plot. This can also be seen in transitions from stairs to larger areas without abrupt cuts.

From the position of the entrance porch, in addition to entering the house, two options of a passage to the rear of the house and a passage around the house climbing to the surroundings in the further part of the plot can be seen. It is practically possible to make a full circle by moving through several outdoor settings suitable for different parts of the day.

Passing through the entrance vestibule leads to a large space that unites the living room, kitchen and dining area. From this position, you get a picture through the large glass surfaces that explains the main idea of the house. The bedrooms are accessed from the front towards the depth of the house. There are three of them plus a separate unit. All rooms in this zone have mini gardens cut into the grounds. Only the Master room has a premium position with the best view with a wide viewing angle of the surroundings and the aforementioned rear garden.

The exterior porch as an extension of the interior spaces follows the roof line. That edge of the roof projected onto the lower surface defines the change in height in the form of shallow steps and planters. It is the plateau level around the pool and jacuzzi. From here it is possible to choose a path over the decked bridge to the „garden with a view“ behind the house, and it is also possible to gradually descend through the steps around the pool to access a slightly more intimate area mainly intended for sunbathing and contemplation.

Descending from the pool plateau via hidden steps made of concrete slabs leads to the lowest point of the plot where there are landscaped gardens. Also, the construction of the steel canopy is intended to turn green over time from creeping vines and to create a space for family gatherings in a specific environment surrounded by natural materials in this zone with brick paving. This is also contributed by the crushed stone wall that defines this space, at the same time leaning on the foundation of the house.