Inka studio is an architectural studio that, through a modern architectural approach, deals with design and execution in cooperation with numerous experts from various disciplines.

Headquartered in Belgrade, formed by four partners: Marina Lazović, Dunja Nedeljković, Zoran Lazović and Nemanja Nedeljković, who have been engaged in design and execution together since 2013.

With great dedication and passion, they approach each project, creating a space that strives to always be accompanied by humorously resolved details in addition to unconditional functionality. Their architectural practice is focused on the integration of related disciplines: architecture, urban planning, design and art. The focus of the studio is on continuous research of new possibilities in contemporary architectural practice through understanding the wider context, from political and social to environmental.

Together with young talented architects, they work on projects of architectural and interior decoration, furniture design, through the research of materials and forms, always trying to solve complex spatial problems in a simple way.

At the same time, Inka Studio insists on both creativity and professional and responsible elaboration and implementation of projects.

of expertise

The work of Inka Studio, in addition to architectural design, combines the fields of engineering, authorship and professional supervision, as well as the management of architectural and construction projects. Through the analysis of urban, geodetic, architectural and legal capacities, advantages and limitations of a certain location, they offer consulting to clients in the field of investments, which aims to help in safer decision-making.

Architectural and interior design

Furniture design

Execution and professional supervision

Management of architectural and construction projects

Investment consulting

Since their beginnings, they have distinguished themselves as authors and winners of numerous awards at competitions, with over 12 competitions for various purposes, from urban planning to congress and theater facilities, music academies, residential and business complexes, hotels, exhibition pavilions, market facilities, many of which have been awarded , and one was realized – Palilula Market.

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