Residential and Office
Building Šumatovačka

Location / Belgrade, Serbia
Year / 2015
Area / 15.700m²
Client / Exing B&P
Project team / Zoran Lazović / Marina Lazović /
Dunja Nedeljković / Danica Stojiljković
3d visualization / Filip Popović

The new residential block is situated in an area connecting the parallel streets of Šumatovačka and Južni Bulevar, with the concept of merging with an adjacent yet-to-be-built plot to form a typical closed block. The initial thought in the design process was how to reconcile the characters of these two completely different streets. Šumatovačka is a quiet, narrow street with tree-lined avenues, exuding the charm of old Belgrade, while the other is a typical example of Belgrade’s wide boulevards. The new residential block needs to respond to the challenges of both characters and harmoniously adapt to the context.

The functionality and good communication, the movement of new residents, as well as neighbors in the surroundings, and the pulsation of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic are always a priority and the starting point in the urban planning of the block.

As a result of the research, the idea emerged to relocate the main pedestrian entrance to the complex from the main facades to a side pedestrian passage, a passarella with a staircase connecting the two streets. In this way, the main facades are freed and fully dedicated to their primary functions – residential on the Šumatovačka side and business and commercial on the Južni Bulevar side, spanning even two floors.

Inner Courtyard: Through the passarella and the main pedestrian entrance, via a gate, access is provided to the inner courtyard, a gathering place, a peaceful oasis, a landscaped communal space exclusively for the building’s residents, from which each individual building entrance is accessed. This transforms the classic urban block into a condominium character. The courtyard where residents gather, meet, socialize, and exchange experiences adds an additional quality not often encountered in Belgrade’s residential block structures.