Salon 73

Location / Belgrade, Serbia
Year / 2019 – 2020
Area / 100m²
Client / private
Project team / Marina Lazović / Predrag Ignjatović /
Zoran Lazović / Dunja Nedeljković
Photo / Ana Kostić

Salon 73 is a beauty salon resulting from the conversion of an old salon apartment in the heart of Vračar, preserving all the valuable elements that Belgrade salons had. The guiding idea during the design process was to create the experience that the time you set aside for care or self-care is spent in the atmosphere of an elegant city salon. Transferring the spirit of the times to the present moment, flirting with contemporary style and materials, we managed to make the space of the beauty salon authentic. The large floor height is additionally emphasized by removing the suspended ceiling and highlighting the supporting structure as a contemporary tendency to highlight the material in all its beauty.

The central structural wall imposed a division of zones that did not correspond to the future functional organization. Clearly defined units were designed according to the degree of privacy that had to be satisfied. Right at the entrance, there is an info desk with a waiting room and a wide open area for pedicures and manicures, which is also the largest area of the salon. In this space, in addition to body care, relaxation and enjoyment, clients can communicate with each other, joke and exchange some advice or gossip.

On the other hand, the massage and facial treatment rooms are in an intimate area, hidden from the public eye, isolated in peace and quiet. In addition to functionality, the salon experience of the space was completed by arched soothing strokes both on the beams of the supporting structural elements and in the design of the furniture. By widening the opening in the structural wall, a direct exit to the courtyard terrace from the largest open part of the salon was made possible, which achieved good ventilation and sunlight in the space, which was often lacking in the central parts of salon apartments of that era in Belgrade.

What unites the open and intimate part of the salon, in addition to the stylistically coordinated interior of each individual space, is the music that is played and concludes the complete experience.

The newly formed wall that separates the more open and more intimate part of the salon is interpreted in a modern way with a dominant hidden wooden partition that also serves as a shelf for cosmetic products and nail polishes.

It is the most dominant aesthetic element of the salon. The introduction of a wooden element into the space greatly contributes to creating a feeling of warmth. Unison and harmony are sought in the relationship of colors, textures, shadows and lights, in the choice of furniture, as well as in the introduction of greenery in certain parts of the interior.

Respecting the zeitgeist from which the building originates, the challenge was also in the selection and design of pieces of furniture and lighting, fitting them at the same time into a modern concept suitable for a modern beauty salon.