AMS Osiguranje office

Location / Belgrade, Serbia
Year / 2021 – 2022
Area / 137m²
Client / AMS Osiguranje
Project team / Marina Lazović / Jelena Korolija /
Dunja Nedeljković / Zoran Lazović
Photo / Relja Ivanić

As one of the most stable insurance companies on the Serbian market, new space office  AMS Osiguranje has been opened in New Belgrade.

With a contemporary approach, the project aims to provide an inviting atmosphere with a universal identity that reflects the aesthetic, cultural influences as well as leadership position in providing insurance services for its clients. At the moment of the design process as well as its realization, the client also planned to change the visual identity, i.e. to redesign the logo. So, among other thing, the idea was that the new visual identity follows the aesthetics of the new office.

The spatial organization has been imposed due to the needs of the employees as well as the specific way of their business. The entire functional organization takes place on the ground floor, with a clear division into the “public” – “private” relation, i.e. clients and employees. For the purpose of modern business, there was a need for entire space to have one unit, that is, open-space, where in its transparency it will also have unimposed microambients. Wood is used to emphasize natural ambience, and in the same time to form a large closet in the space, behind which are located technical rooms, a toilet, a kitchenette and a storage. The spacious entrance to the office provides clients with a pleasant atmosphere in which they feel a certain amount of safeness, taking in consideration what the company stands for.

Dominance in the space is certainly the reception desk with selected lighting as well as the perforated metal wall panels behind which all visible installations are hidden, and thus these details in a way make the key elements in the space. In order to get as close as possible to the aesthetics of the car industry, bearing in mind that the client is closely connected with the business of the same, minimalist aesthetics, consistency in selected materials and colors is in a way an interpretation of modern insurance business.