Raft on Sava River

Location / Belgrade, Serbia
Year / 2021 – ongoing
Area / 68m²
Client / VDC Fides d.o.o.
Project team / Marina Lazović  / Predrag Ignjatović /
Zoran Lazović / Dunja Nedeljković / Jovana Bošković
Graphic presentation / Filip Popović

The raft is positioned on the Sava River, on the side of Ada Ciganlija, which overlooks New Belgrade. This sports & recreational oasis is often reached by boat, which gives this quieter part of the island a special atmosphere for raft owners.

In the place of this raft, there was already an old raft in a neglected state. Originally it was a space for a solitary lifestyle and very few needs. In accordance with complete reconstruction, a raft was developed with a lot more functions, space and aesthetics for a different life.

The design of the building is reduced to the archetype of a house on the water with an emphasis on the elevated part on the pillars. The lower part is covered with wood, while the upper part is covered with sheet metal with visible folds. All in dark gray tones.

In general, the raft is designed with a living area and a large porch on the access level, while the bedrooms and a terrace with a jacuzzi are on the first floor. Access to the raft is via a steel bridge / ramp. From that side you can see the space of the outdoor kitchen. It serves as an outdoor porch for sitting in different positions and formats. There is a dining table, lounge seating, mini bar and deck chairs. There is also a boat mooring area. Depending on the weather conditions, it is possible to protect the lower area with a built-in insect netting system.

In the closed part of the lower level there is a sofa, a small dining table, a kitchen and a small toilet located under a steel staircase. The interior is covered in wood and the openings are positioned and dimensioned for specific visor framing. The same principle applies at the upper level.

Upstairs are the best views within the rest rooms. This was the main approach and the reason for the large glass surfaces. In addition to the view, there is also a feeling of warmth in the wooden lining of the interior.