Residential Building Meljine

Location / Meljine, Montenegro
Year / 2021 – 2023
Area / 1086m²
Client / GT2
Project team / Marina Lazović / Predrag Ignjatović /
Zoran Lazović / Dunja Nedeljković
Photo / Relja Ivanić
Graphic presentation / Filip Popović

The residential building is located within the promenade “5 Danica” within the Bay of Kotor. Conceived as a double-sided building, the main entrance is from the “upper side” since it is cut into the rock, while the lower approach corresponds to the promenade.

Reduced form but with an emphasis on the terraces of the apartments in order to make the most of the view of the beautiful bay, a striking element of the facade are the terraces inside rectangular frames.

The terraces are put in the foreground and with the stone covering they imitate stability and protect the users both from the view from the promenade and from weather conditions.

The second plan of the facade contains elements of wood imitation as a support for more solid stonework, which is found in the floor, fences and planters. The entrance cut side has the most traditional elements such as rough-hewn stone and wooden sheds, which together with greenery and stepped planters contribute to the old Kotor charm.

The facility is functionally designed to have everything necessary for the needs of users on vacation. Garage, gardens, excellent communication through the plot and swimming pool with its own “lounge bar”. The area of the swimming pool with the associated area is tucked away at a lower elevation compared to the promenade itself, which, along with the surrounding greenery and landscaped grounds, provides a sense of privacy for users.

There are four apartments per floor, mostly three-room apartments with the aforementioned large terraces. The roof is hipped on a rectangular base and, generally speaking, it evokes the memory of the building from 1934, Villa Riviera by architect Milan Zloković, which is also located nearby in Herceg Novi. Such a match in the approach to designing a Kotor villa after almost 100 years gives the feeling that sometimes the location itself shapes the objects that belong to it with its strong character.