Location / Herceg Novi, Montenegro
Year / 2021 – ongoing
Area / 734m²
Client / private
Project team / Marina Lazović / Predrag Ignjatović /
Zoran Lazović / Dunja Nedeljković / Dijana Savanović /
Mina Kostić / Jelena Korolija
Graphic presentation / Filip Popović

On the slope of one of the most beautiful areas of Boka Kotorska, not far from the center of Herceg Novi, is the location of the future semi-detached house, which is separated from the seashore only by a promenade.

The view of the entrance to the Bay of Kotor from the location is so enchanting that it largely determined the architecture of the building. Wide glass facade portals, in order to better see and discover the beauty of the bay, with spacious terraces for everyday life, were the initial parameters.

The house is intended for two families with different needs in terms of functionality, but the character of the semi-detached house, as well as the relationship to the facades of the first line along the promenade and the seashore, greatly influenced the careful consideration of the architecture of the building, which should reconcile and satisfy all these parameters, but and the needs of its owners. The shape of the plot meant that the houses were for 2.5 m withdrawn from each other , which helped to achieve the necessary intimacy for each of the families.

The sloping terrain enabled a rich vertical functional layering and created space for additional contents that complete it.

From the public promenade, a staircase leads to the main pedestrian entrances to the houses, as well as the entrances to the garages for each individual functional unit. Each of the units in the central part contains a staircase and an elevator, as a vertical communication that connects all floors.

One side of the house is designed as one residential unit, while the other is vertically divided into three independent functional units, interconnected by a common staircase and elevator.

Each of the units on the front facade is characterized by spacious terraces, while the side and rear facades facing the neighbors are more closed.

The horizontal strokes of the smooth stone terraces extend the entire depth of the facade, emphasizing the mezzanine ceilings, which give the architecture a kind of terraced character, although it is essentially supported only by the front facade towards the sea. All other walls are finished in bunja natural stone, which characterizes the old coastal houses from this area, whose fullness and beauty come to the fore especially in combination with smooth stone.

The openings on the facade are atypical for the coast, at full height from floor to ceiling, but supported by wooden sheds, an obligatory coastal facade detail.